Fruit Gummy Bears

  • Delicious fruit gummy bear made with a Blend of organic ingredients: Apple, Banana, Acai, Pomogranate etc.

  • Packed with Antioxidants and Minerals

  • Gelatin Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free and Dairy Free

  • Vegetarian Product

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  • Organic Fruit Gummy Bears
    • Blend of Organic Pomegranate, Peach, Mango, Apple, Banana, Acai, Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry & Plum
    • Made with organic ingredients
    • Packed with Antioxidants and minerals
    • Natural colors & flavors
    • Lunch Box Friendly packaging also available
    • Made in USA
    • Indications :- Adults and Kids over 6 years of age
      Dosage :- 2 Gummy Bears per day
    • 1. How is your Gummy bear vegetarian friendly?
      Ans:- We do not use gelatin or pectin in our products. We use organic sea weed only.