• Double Strength: 4 Billion CFU/Dose of Bacillus clausii

  • Pack size provides for 5 days of treatment during antibiotic therapy

  • Storage at room temperature (no need to refrigerate)

  • 24 month shelf life

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  • Bellybiotic® is a liquid probiotic in a Smartcap™ delivery system. Pack contains 10 vials each containing 10mL of Probiotic at double strength.

    Unlike our competitors whose Probiotic is suspended in liquid and has strict storage and short shelf life,

    Bellybiotic® contains the probiotic : Bacillus clausii in the cap which only comes into contact with the excipients at the time of consumption. Bellybiotic® has a Great tasting flavor for kids.

    Take Bellybiotic at regular intervals during the day. Flavor and sweetening agent already included. One 10 mL bottle is equivalent to two therapeutic doses containing 4 Billion CFU of live Bacillus clausii.

    Storage: Store at room temperature and refrigerate if necessary after opening.

    • Indications :- Children
      Dosage :- 1-2 bottles per day
    • Indications :- Babies
      Dosage :- 1 bottle per day
    • Indications :- Adults
      Dosage :- 2 bottles per day or as instructed by your physician
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