TheHeme® - Heme Iron Polypeptide**

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  • TheHEMETM (HEME IRON POLYPEPTIDE) is a new and advanced iron supplement used in Hemoglobin
    management. TheHEMETM is a form of iron (in the form of “hemoglobin”) identical to that found in human
    blood and red meat. Unlike traditional iron supplements , it is readily absorbed by the body and is generally
    free of side-effects like heart burn and constipation.

    TheHEMETM can be readily taken with a meal and is ideal for people who need iron supplementation but 
    at the same time cannot tolerate traditional iron products and/or who have impaired ionic iron

    - Highly Bioavailable.
    - Very less or almost no Gastrointestinal side effects.
    - Absorbed by a specific heme receptor in the small intestine.
    - Heme iron absorption is not influenced by other foods.

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