About Us

Pharmvista® Inc. started its business operations as a pharmaceutical licensing and distribution company. Over the years we have evolved into a leading manufacturing and marketing company. Our state of the art, CGMP compliant FDA registered facility is based at East Hanover, NJ.

Company Overview

Innovative Product Range

  • Organic Vegetarian Gummy Bears
    • Fruit Gummy Bears
    • Veggie Gummy Bears
    • Ginger & Mint Gummy Bears
    • Digestyn-7
  • Conventional Gummy Bears 
    • DailyCal® - Calcium Carbonate Gummy Bears
    • Collagen 40mg Gummy Bears
    • Vitamin D3 Gummy Bears
    • Calcium Orotate Gummy Bears
  • Calcium as Gummy Bears and Mouth Melt Granules
    • Calcium2go
    • Coral Calcium Soft Chews
    • Coral Calcium with Hydrogen
  • Iron
    • TheHeme® - Heme Iron Polypeptide
    • Soluble Micronized Ferric Iron Pyrophosphate
  • Liquid Probiotics
    • Bellybiotic®